Critical Paper On "surf" Detergent Product Tvc

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Lumen sa Soap Opera Critical Analysis Izar, Nikko Norman Cudiamat

Every commercial frames and images has its portrayal of something that either exists or not, moreover, they made it just to sell the product and have the return of investment. However, most of the cases are commercials are that aside from creating a need for the consumers, they also create an ideology. An ideology, which is subconsciously penetrating to the minds of the viewers. Making me think, that it is not just the fact that we buy it for a need or for satisfaction but also we buy it because we found something on how the product was presented based on the creative juices of the producers of a certain advertisement. “Lumen”, the “wais” female icon in the commercial made an enormous effect to the consumer motivation, particularly in women and specifically as it caters to the mothers. It successfully created an image of a woman. A woman to herself, a woman to her family and a woman in her prestige appeal as it represents the Filipino woman. At first, it looks like it is an ordinary conflict-resolution setting wherein every problems and constraints of Lumen are just a “wash” away. Thinking that every woman has those limitations, perimeter fences that confine them into a dimension wherein the external environment keeps on making them stationary. The commercial “constructed” and “cultivate” the ideology of the limited roles of woman in the society she is living in. Looking at it might made you think that it is a mediocre commercial about how responsible woman that she can provide the needs of her family. However, those things are look in the myopic point of view. On the other side of the fence, there is a larger thrust that has to be disclosed and discover. It perceived and accepted generally but on its sphere there are hidden intricacies which women are the prime targets. These commercials emphasize to gain profit but not considering how it will affect the people.


Lumen sa Soap Opera Critical Analysis Izar, Nikko Norman Cudiamat

The carte blanche to ice bathe the idea is the dominance of power and authority over woman, Lumen is said to be a smart, responsible and resourceful woman that made her life affluent. It made her solve certain problems, gain her basic needs and love from her family but on the larger perspective, “Is that the only woman could do for herself? The fictions of the advertisement have reshaped and misshape conceptions of woman. It created a dichotomy and made the diversion bigger. These commercials continuously feeding the flock of the believers that woman should be in her place and has to wait for a signal just for her to go. “Surf” commercial mispresented the image of a woman; they do it on their own perspective. The product seems to cater pleasing “tele-serye” like commercial but it offers an image which is subliminal and offensive to the female. However, the advent of these commercial doesn’t made certain buzz to mothers. It shows how the society stratifies the role and status of members of the society. Ergo, the commercial alone is a striking idealist as it creates a premise as part of its commercial. It is surprising yet worse to know how advertisement plays and take part of influencing the people not only to buy but to give something for consumers to fail of thinking. It is a matter of “awareness” versus “recognition”. We are aware of what we see and what we perceived as being offered to us, but we fail to recognize the things we have to focus on and to think about.


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