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BRAND GENETIC PROFILE Brand Heritage: McDonalds’ started out and received its popularity as it caters its “Hamburgers”. McDonalds prides itself on quality on its product. The Big Mac beef patty contains 100% pure beef with no preservatives and additives. It became the largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world and still growing. Its competitors, Burger King and Wendy’s have been defeated because of its quality that causes a highprice in purchase. From nine items of McDonalds Meal, they added another two items and still continuously innovating for new Hamburgers.

Brand Representative: From over 11 items that McDonalds Menu usually contains (sundae, fried chicken, burgers and dessert etc), French Fries has the greater demand from its customers. French Fries has been an important part of McDonalds Menu in Philippines and worldwide. According to the survey conducted. French Fries have not been considered as a condiment or part of a McDonalds Meal. French Fries made its own identity which most of the customers love to include on every meal they use to order.

Brand Identifiers: McDonalds aside from its Burgers that live a mark to every customer, McDonalds made a striking recall to its customers through its Brand Identifiers. (Refer to the graph) •

Golden Arches (Letter “M”) - it is based on the arches and sloping roof of the typical restaurant. The arches crossed to form an “M”. It portrays a “happy ambient” that is near to every customer.

The clown (Ronald McDonald) – the clown that is usually seen in its Commercial especially as it plays if functions to attract the segment of children customers. Symbolizes happiness and fun place to go to.

Love ko’ to – the famous tag line originally from “Loving it”. The concept of the years that McDonalds has crossed made each of the products and services closer to the heart of customers, Kita-kits sa Mcdo.

Products (Burgers, Fries, Chicken, etc.)

Brand Domain: McDonalds Menu Chicken and Pasta

Mcspaghetti Chicken sandwich

Chicken Mcdo with spaghetti

Chicken Mcdo with rice value meal


Chicken McNuggets

Desserts •

Oreo hot fudge layered sundae

oreo coffee

sprite float

hot fudge sundae

caramel sundae

mango pie

Mcsaver meals •

Chicken fillet

Other Services •

Happy meal

drive thru

birthday celebration and games

Mc café


Big Mac

Quarter pounder

Double cheeseburger deluxe


Beef burger

Burger mcdo

Add ons •

Hush browns


French fries

Brand Essence: Core Values: McDonalds is a customer-driven fast food company, they continuously work for a high quality service for every customers. They follow the QS&CV or quality food and superior service, in a clean, welcoming environment, at a great value. McDonalds value its people, providing opportunity, nurture talent, develop leaders and reward achievement. Believing in the power within group of people working will yield success. McDonalds uphold its strategy for over years of existence in the market. The symbiosis between the owner/operators, suppliers, and company employees, is our foundation, and the balance of interests while maintaining the ethics for business manipulation. Since it is a publicly trained company it provides focus on the members of the company who invests to them. McDonalds continuously discovering and introducing concepts that will innovate their products accord to the customer-driven principle. Moreover, McDonalds in spite of the success still have its consideration to give back by participating on different activities of their affiliation like charity and environment.

Evolution: McDonalds progress must be consider, from the fact that from “Speedy” service and few items to cater services for customers conveniently. The continuous augmentation of different services and its innovation is a key to be enhanced and develop. Different products of McDonalds like burgers, fries and the different items in menu combination is evidence that McDonalds strive to serve every Filipino customers the best products out of the McDonalds potential in Market. McDonald’s ways of approaching the consumers through its values for every advertisement, its advocacy are things to be considered. The fact that McDonalds ubiquitous it is a way they could always get in touch and always near to every customer.

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