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Radio TalkBack Writer’s Brief

Rationale for desired change in behavior

Health and sanitation was the one of the proper and basic needs of a family. Good health yields affluent living. Here the program shares information, tips and practical advices prescribed by a professional doctor. It helps the improvement and maintains proper health and sanitations. It is acquired through media that improve roles of the parents (responsible parenthood) providing good health for the members of the family. It is a program that will answer not only myths and queries about medical habits but also give a advice and guide the listeners for achieving their objectives concerning on self physiological preservation.

Audience Information DE Class

Resigned Poor

Goals: survival Motivations: given up Values: Subsistence

Justification of the Chosen Medium Radio (Amplified Modulation) is the chosen medium and frequency for this program. Radio is the most common medium that DE class uses. It is portable, accessible and at the same time affordable source of information. It suits with the lifestyles, habits

and socio economic status of the DE class. Unlike television, the audience will be hindered on expressing their ideas and queries. Measurable Objectives •

To develop habits of listening from the launching date to the second week of airing this program.

To establish norms, disciplines and thrusts to the listeners of the importance of having a good health for the family.

To observe particular changes of habits of listeners after listening in to the program.

To improve the status of health through informing the DE class on medical endeavor.

Broadcast area: Metro Manila Frequency: 594 Mhz Format: AM Talkback Power: 25,000 watts Callsign meaning: DWIZ Owner: GMA Broadcasting Company Sponsor: Department of Health and Uni Lab

Regular programming 09

Application date: 10-19-

Schedule/availability varies New Program Proposal Form Contact Information Name:___________________________ Address:__________________________ Telephone:________________________ Mail:__________________


Program Information Title : Let’s DOH Program Description: A radio talkback program that serve the target population through information regarding the Health and other medical endeavors. The hosts together with the resident doctor will be discussing issues, information that will inform the family for taking good care of their health. Personnel Information:

Host: Rita Ibuna and Lucky Gem Famero, Nikko Izar Producer: Janine Matobato Engineer: Laydee April Salazar Others: Margot Gonzales, Rubie Liza Rubias, Manelyn Factor


___HD Radio

____Broadcast Signal

___POD Cast ___All

Material: ___Live


Proposed Scheduling Information

Length: 1030 - 1130 (60 minutes airtime) Mondays - Fridays


Program mission statement? The “Let’s DOH it!” radio talkback program secure and uphold its commitment for catering services for thr public especially the DE class. It primarily concerns on improving health status and maintaining proper attention and care to family’s health. As a part of responsible broadcasting, the program contains light issues that will tackle obfuscations and queries regards health. How would airing this program will uplift and hold the interests and moods of the listeners? The comprehensive yet easy to understand discussion and sharing of trivias will make it easy for the listeners to adapt themselves and follow the measures prescribed by the program. What experience, expertise or skills do you bring to the program? The staff of the program will render interpersonal skills and way of discussing in socio-recreational manner in which listeners will not be bored on just pale spoonfeeding of thoughts. The resident doctor was part of the show and will prescribed medications and

medical practices for the chosen class population. It is sponsored by the Department of Health, thus, the services are for promoting general welfare. There will be weekly free check up for the listeners who will interact to the program. Who are the intended listeners? Demographics: Age: 13 – 16 students, 28-32 workers (blue collar), 38 – 45 mothers Gender: male and female Status: DE population Location: Urban areas

Psychographics: Lifestyle: unemployed, job-seeker, Frequency: habitual listening Interests: proper health care Activities: staying at home, sleeping, baby-sitting, trying their luck though gambling, doing household chores, wandering

What criteria would you use to evaluate the effectiveness of the program? Number of advertisements, audience share, interactivity of the program through phone calls, participation from the listeners

What resources would you use to promote the program? Human resources: Voice talents, the production staff, the resident doctor Monetary and Logistics, Ultrasonic Broadcasting Inc, subsidy from the Government (Department of Health), UnilLab Advertisement:

Approval of the Program

____________ Application Policy ________ Mission

_______Operations Expectations

Date Requested to Air:_________


Date Approved to Air:_________


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