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McDonald’s By: Prashant Philip Vargis Ramandeep Singh Arora Rishinath Sandeep Raj

The History of McDonald’s • 1955, 1st McDonald’s opens • 1965, Listed on stock exchange • 1967, Big Mac Invented • 1971, “Makadonaldo”, Japan • 1974, Ronald Mcdonald House • 1979, Happy Meals

McDonald’s in India • JV with Connaught Plaza Restaurants and Hard Castle Restaurants • Re-engineering of the menu. • Entry Position: Urban, Affluent,

The Products • • • • • •

Core Menu Happy Price Menu Value Meals Happy Meals Beverages Desserts

Core Menu

Happy Price Menu

Value Meals

Happy Meals



Promotions • Main objectives of advertising for McDonald’s – Create awareness – Attract – Recall

• Use of various Media like television, hoardings and bus shelters. • Low usage of print ads • Paper Mats on the trays at the McDonald’s are designed as per the ongoing Marketing Strategy. • Pamphlets, banners in and around the outlets are placed as decided by the area sales manager and the operations manager, in co-ordination with the restaurant manager. • Collaboration with Coke, MTV, Sony Music etc.

A few Slogans & AdCampaigns • McDonald’s mein hai kuch baat – Emotional Connect

• Aap ke Zamane mein Baap ke Zamane ke daam – Bollywood spoof themed ads – Instant hit and recall

• i’m lovin’ it – Currently used – Fun theme

Pricing • A very popular punch line of McDonald’s – “Aap ke zamane mein, baap ke zamane ke daam” – Happy Price Menu

• Value based pricing strategies – Happy Price Menu – Rs. 20 – Value Meals

• Low cost supply chain • Competitive pricing

Place & Supply Chain Restaurants in urban areas Mostly in malls or near business centers 38 different suppliers Interaction with suppliers and logistics firm to ensure optimum stocking • Collaborative growth • Cold chain • Quality checks at 20 points in the supply chain movement • • • •

People • Internal Marketing • Extensive Training of personnel • The level of importance 1. 2. 3. 4.

Customers Front line employees Middle level managers Front line managers

• i’m lovin’ it

Physical Evidence • Well lit, large restaurants with ample seating • Pleasing décor • Relaxed ambience • Mild background message • Re-enforcement of messages like “You deserve a Break Today” & “Feed your inner child” • 80-20 menu board eighty percent visual and twenty percent descriptive • Separate family enclosures

Positioning • Focus on the “fun” element – For adults and kids alike – Kids specifically targeted with the happy meal

• A “hangout” • Affordability • A place for everyone – Something for everyone

• Quality offerings • Great taste • India centric approach – Chatpata aalo tikki – Shake Shake Fries

The Brand • The Golden Arches – Instantly recognized, world over

• A single corporate as well as consumer brand • Inspires trust, quality, consistency and a notion of excellence • Service with a smile, always • 8th most recognized brand in the world

SWOT Analysis

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