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A STUDY ON THE MARKETING MIX OF COMPLAN Prashant Philip Vargis Ramandeep Singh Arora Rishinath Sandeep Raj Shantanu Seth Shriker ParthVRV5290, 

Heinz – The Good Food Company  

Heinz is a $10 billion global company Heinz products enjoy #1 or #2 market share in more than 50 countries Heinz sells 650 million bottles of its iconic Ketchup every year Heinz's top 15 power brands account for more than two-thirds of its annual sales Heinz employs approximately 32,500 people around the globe

Complan – The     


The COMplete PLANned food. Milk based, can be had with warm water. 23 vital nutrients. Convenience Product Available in different SKUs 200gm, 500gm, 1 Kg.  Refill packs and Glass Bottles  Multiple Flavors 

Plain, Chocolate, Strawberry, Kesar Badam

Annual Sales – Rs. 90 Crore

Packaging & Labeling. 

Prominent Complan on label, with embossing on bottle and lid. Highlights 

 

Tagline of Complete Planned food in a drink 23 vital nutrients Picture of kids that emphasizes on the growing power aspect Coloring of the pack varies with the variant    

Blue – Plain Brown – Chocolate Pink – Strawberry Yellow & Orange – Kesar Badam

The back panel has a list of all the nutrients and ingredients, along with

Current Market Share & Key Players

IN T E R M S O F V O LU M E ( T O N N E S )

Complan – The   


Prices range from Rs. 71 to Rs. 335 Product quality leadership Pricing. Priced higher than competitors Price premium portrays Quality and Value  Works as a fuel for aspirations 

Policy of low and infrequent discounts

Complan – The 


Diverse methodologies have been used over the years  Advertising

– both print and television  Sales Promotion – mostly during the summer holidays  Public Relations  Trade Promotions

Advertisements 

A few Campaigns  Complan

Boy, Girl, Mummy, Family  Targeted

at mothers, for growth of their kids.

 The

Health Show

 Talk

Show type advertisement, showcasing Complans’ advantage over others

 Series

of ads showcasing growth  Extra

Growing Power, the

Sales Promotions 

Carried out in the form of freebies  Toys  Growth

Charts  Comic Books  Only Limited to a few centers and lack of publicity for the same

Public Relations  

Setting up of Stalls at Book Fairs School Visits  Health

checkup and awareness programs, with free sampling of Complan

Doctor Visits  Doctor

Relationship Officers  Put up awareness material and information at pediatrician chambers  Carry out awareness

Complan – The 


Widespread channel partners 3

tiers between company to retailer  C&FA

 Super-Stockist  Stockist (Large & Urban Centers)  C&FA  Stockist  Sub-Stockist (Mid & Small Centers)  C&FA  Stockist (Modern trade) (Organized Retail) 

5 Regional Offices in Kolkata (2) , New Delhi, Chennai & Mumbai Sales Managers stationed at territories in the state capitals handle sales and

Distribution  

Manufacturing facility at Aligarh C&FAs present in major trade and transport centers Stock is billed from C&FAs to the superstockists & stockists who pass it down to the wholesalers and retailers The modern retail stores are provided directly

Trade Promotions 

Trade Schemes  20+4  22+2  23+1  In

a case of 24 pieces, depending on the chain, and the scheme in operation.

Trader Offers  Trips,

white goods, gold etc. for high performance

Conclusions 

 

Complan suffers from a myopic view by the company. The promotion is not very active. The management is happy with whatever sales are generated, and does not go in for a Push. The price is a bit high and could be brought down to some extent.

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