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Yes - I want a future for South LA that benefits everyone!

I want to ___________ the UNIDAD campaign. []

individually endorse


have my organization endorse


attend strategy meetings for


donate money in support of

I want to receive email updates on: [ ] UNIDAD

CAMPAIGN PLATFORM Contact UNIDAD (213) 745 - 9961 x 222 [email protected]

[ ] public planning meetings Your contact information: Name: Address: City, Zip Code: Email: Phone: ( ) Preferred contact method: email/phone Organization Endorsement information: Organization: Address: City, Zip Code: Phone: ( ) Website:

UNIDAD, a campaign of the Figueroa Corridor Coalition for Economic Justice, is grateful for the support of the Diane Middleton Foundation, the Akonadi Foundation, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

UNIDAD—United Neighbors In Defense Against Displacement—is a campaign committed to future development of South LA that includes and benefits all members of the community. UNIDAD was launched by the Figueroa Corridor Coalition for Economic Justice, a strong, proud, and diverse alliance with a history of building successful partnerships that secure real community benefits from urban development. Over the past ten years, hundreds of families and scores of small businesses— meaning thousands of local residents and workers—have been forced to leave their community due to skyrocketing rents, slum conditions, tenant harassment, job loss, and housing discrimination. Now, after decades of neglect and mistreatment, thousands more low-income residents and workers stand to be displaced by the institutions and individuals whose actions, or inaction, have caused this crisis.

We have a unique opportunity to stop displacement—of families, of workers, of businesses—without stopping growth and development. Through public planning now

We can stop that from happening. We are at a crossroads.

underway, we can set guidelines for smart growth that is also just growth, and neighborhood development that is true community development. We can improve more than just our buildings and streets; we can improve the lives of the people who live and work in our neighborhoods—the old and the new, the rooted and the recent. By taking our rightful place in the planning of our neighborhoods, we can transform a history of exclusion into a present and future of participation, cooperation, and shared prosperity. Through the UNIDAD campaign, our coalition of tenants, homeowners, students, teachers, workers, business owners, health providers, faith congregations, and community-based organizations are working together to make sure all urban plans and policies accomplish six bedrock goals: • • • • • •

Holding the City and developers accountable to the existing community; Ensuring a fully transparent urban-planning process with meaningful involvement of community residents, grassroots organizations, and workers; Preserving existing affordable housing; Creating abundant new affordable housing for local families, students, and workers; Creating good jobs for local residents; Supporting local small businesses.

UNIDAD is committed to working with all stakeholders to bring about just, beneficial outcomes for everyone in our neighborhoods.

But we must act now.

The plans the City is creating in the next year and a half will transform our neighborhoods and our communities, for better or worse, for decades to come.

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