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  • April 2020
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Reflection about April 8th Paula Rodríguez Molina In relation to my expectations about this process I can say that for me is very challenging, because during the development of it I want to overcome all the obstacles I have had in the previous processes, at the same time I will be able to discover and, most important experience how a teachers works during a semester, how to prepare material, and most important is the biggest step to become actual teachers. I am doing my practicum process in a school in Rodelillo, this is a school that has students who live in social risk, they have lack of motivation and is difficult to impress them in order to make them work, but not impossible. My guide teacher seems to be very supportive and she is able to introduce new methodologies which is important for me since I have lots of ideas that I hope I can use during this process. My fears are connected directly with group management, the students that I have in my class, sometimes want you too lose control, they are annoying and very loudly, so my biggest fear is not to be able to control them and make them work and most important not be capable of giving them meaningful learning, I do not want to do the same classes always I want to innovate to show them that English is not a boring subject or a subject to be afraid of, but if I fail in group management I could not accomplish my other goals. Talking about my commitments during this process I have to say that I will be responsible with my duties and I will follow the steps of the process, is important to go step by step in order to reach in a appropriate way my goals and desires previously mentioned. I am also committed to work as a team with my guide teacher, make a collaborative work in order to succeed and give meaningful and lasting learning to our students.

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