Summer Glogster Inquiry Rubric

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My Summer: In Numbers

Content x2

Aesthetics x2

Media X1

Not Even Close 1

Getting There 2

Math conversions incomplete or inaccurate. Very minimal numbers used or no conversions. Words used are boring or generic.

Some content is interesting. Some conversions contain errors in calculations and/or conversions are predictable. Use of descriptive words is limited. Use of colour and pictures are somewhat effective. Colours and pictures a bit distracting in some parts. Lay-out a bit distracting

Content is interesting. All or most conversions are accurate Appropriate use of words in explanations Use of colour and pictures Interesting to look at but does not stimulate Lay-out Is organized and has clear flow

WOW factor! Engaging and visually stimulating Aesthetically pleasing use of colours, pictures, and texts. Organization is easy-tofollow and flows nicely. Creative lay-out

2 links are present which may be relevant

3 Links are attached and are relevant

4 or more links present. Links are useful and relevant

Boring to look at. It does not captivate, lacks variety. Minimal use of colour and pictures are irrelevant. Too cluttered. No variety. Distracting and not “nice” to look at. Less than 2 links to websites present.

Additional comments /20

You Are There 3

________________________ Name You’re Definitely Score There 4 Math details are unique, memorable and interesting. All conversions are creative and accurate. /8 Descriptive use of words that complement the numbers


/4 Total

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