Human-the Mother Of Pollution

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HUMAN The Ultimate Friend for All Pollutions By V. Bhanu Chander INDIA

Let us see what we are contributing for our earth

We to reduce W Helped H greenery to make

“EVER BROWN” instead of “Ever Green”

We to increase W Helped H co2 to make the sky look

“EVER BLACK” instead of “Ever Blue”

We are Helping to increase infections through DUMPING Thus leading to latest diseases like  swine flue, , viral fever  and  many more

Let us see the effects/ results of the above wonderful process of human

Human health is spoiling to a greater extent

Water level is increasing thereby affecting several lives

Several species of earth are under destruction

Land for cultivation is reducing

Great! does Human have this much capacity or ability ???

Certainly I think, That’s That s why they are named as the most intelligent living creatures

then,, What are the steps required for pollution prevention ? “I think there is only one step”

The step is “I must realize and act Immediately”

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