Google Hacks Log In Pages

  • November 2019
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these are login pages for various services. consider them the front door of a website's more sensitive functions. intitle:"remote assessment" openaanval console "resistance is obsolete" "report bugs" "username" "password" "imail server web messaging" intitle:login "login - sun cobalt raq" "login to usermin" inurl:20000 "microsoft crm : unsupported browser version" "opensrs domain management" inurl:manage.cgi "please log in" "powered by cutenews *.* � * cutephp "syscp - login" "ttawlogin.cgi/?action=" "vhcs pro ver" -demo "vnc desktop" inurl:5800 "web control panel" "enter your password here" "webexplorer server - login" "welcome to webexplorer server" "webstar mail - please log in" (inurl:"ars/cgi-bin/arweb?o=0" | inurl:arweb.jsp) -site:mil 4images administration control panel allinurl:"exchange/logon.asp" asp.login_aspx "asp.net_sessionid" cgi:irc login ez publish administration filetype:php inurl:"webeditor.php" filetype:pl "download: suse linux openexchange server ca" filetype:r2w r2w intext:""bitboard v2.0" bitshifters bulletin board" intext:"mail admins login here to administrate your domain."

intext:"storage management server for" intitle:"server administration" intitle:"athens authentication point" intitle:"coldfusion administrator login" intitle:"dell remote access controller" intitle:"epowerswitch login" intitle:"icecast administration admin page" intitle:"ispman : unauthorized access prohibited" intitle:"its system information" "please log on to the sap system" intitle:"login - powered by easy file sharing web server" intitle:"mailman login" intitle:"microsoft certificate services" inurl:certsrv intitle:"mikrotik routeros managing webpage" intitle:"mx control console" "if you can't remember" intitle:"novell web services" intext:"select a service and a language." intitle:"omail-admin administration - login" intitle:"philex 0.2*" -script intitle:"php advanced transfer" inurl:"login.php" intitle:"php icalendar administration" intitle:"php icalendar administration" intitle:"please login" "your password is *" intitle:"remote desktop web connection" inurl:tsweb intitle:"teamspeak server-administration intitle:"tomcat server administration" intitle:"tutos login" intitle:"vhost" intext:"vhost . 2000-2004" intitle:"virtual server administration system" intitle:"vitalqip ip management system" intitle:"vnc viewer for java" intitle:"weblogic server" intitle:"console login" inurl:console intitle:"welcome site/user administrator" "please select the language" -demos

intitle:"welcome to netware *" intitle:"zyxel prestige router" "enter password" intitle:group-office "enter your username and password to login" intitle:login * webmailer intitle:login intext:"rt is � copyright" intitle:node.list win32.version.3.11 intitle:novell intitle:webaccess "copyright *-* novell, inc" intitle:plesk inurl:login.php3 inurl:"1220/parse_xml.cgi?" inurl:"631/admin" (inurl:"op=*") | (intitle:cups) inurl:":10000" intext:webmin inurl:"activex/default.htm" "demo" inurl:"calendar.asp?action=login" inurl:"gs/adminlogin.aspx" inurl:"typo3/index.php?u=" -demo inurl:"usysinfo?login=true" inurl:"utilities/treeview.asp" inurl:/admin/login.asp inurl:/cgi-bin/sqwebmail?noframes=1 inurl:/citrix/nfuse17/ inurl:/dana-na/auth/welcome.html inurl:/eprise/ inurl:/webedit.* intext:webedit professional -html inurl:1810 "oracle enterprise manager" inurl:administrator "welcome to mambo" inurl:cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=login inurl:confixx inurl:login|anmeldung inurl:coranto.cgi intitle:login (authorized users only)

inurl:default.asp intitle:"webcommander" inurl:irc filetype:cgi cgi:irc inurl:login filetype:swf swf inurl:login.asp inurl:login.cfm inurl:login.php "squirrelmail version" inurl:metaframexp/default/login.asp | intitle:"metaframe xp login" inurl:mewebmail inurl:names.nsf?opendatabase inurl:orasso.wwsso_app_admin.ls_login inurl:postfixadmin intitle:"postfix admin" ext:php inurl:search/admin.php login ("powered by jetbox one cms �" | "powered by jetstream � *") novell netware intext:"netware management portal version" outlook web access (a better way) pcanywhere express java client photopost php upload phphotoalbum statistics phphotoalbum upload phpwebmail powered by indexu ultima online loginservers url:"webadmin" filetype:nsf w-nailer upload area

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