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Draft Agenda 11h00

Welcome by Steen Gade MP, GLOBE Europe President


The EU Mandate for Copenhagen Anders Wijkman MEP, GLOBE EU President


Towards 30%. Policies to drive the Green Technological Revolution Presentation by Marcel Brinkman, McKinsey Project Catalyst Director


Greening the Economy & Coming Out Stronger: green tax reform, recovery plans, ETS Chair & Discussant: David Chaytor MP, GLOBE EU Vice-President Raymond Van Ermen, European Partners for the Environment Martin Rocholl, European Climate Foundation Response by David Chaytor MP Discussion

11h50 12h00 12h05 12h45 12h55 13h00 13h40

Energy efficiency in Europe- more potential Chair & Discussant: Steen Gade MP Sanjeev Kumar, WWF Europe Energy Expert Response by Steen Gade MP Discussion Lunch Break


Electro-mobility – transport for the future, today Chair & Discussant: Michael Kauch MP Mr Michael Benien, RWE Electro-mobility pilot project Project Manager

14h20 14h25

Response by Michael Kauch MP Discussion


The Supergrid- rewiring Europe Chair & Discussant: Anders Wijkman MEP Nicholas Dunlop, E-Parliament Secretary General Response by Anders Wijkman MEP Discussion

15h15 15h20 16h00

The European Commission on the Road to Copenhagen Jos Delbeke, DG Environment Deputy Director General, ff Director for Climate Change and Air


Concluding Discussion - Debate and discussion on methods.  explain, discuss and assess existing GLOBE instruments and services to contribute new ideas to the COP-15 and conducive to network development  launch of GLOBE Position for COP-15



Joint GLOBE Secretariat in Europe - Rue de Stassart, 131 - 1050 Brussels www.globe-europe.eu Tel: (+32) 2230 6589 - Fax: (+32) 2502 6230 - [email protected]

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