Biomass Fuel Energy

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Biomass Fuel Energy Wood Chips Pinus. Biomass energy is normally produced from firewood, agricultural residues such as bagasse and wastes generated from agro-based industries. Our product is of high quality. Wood fuel is a clean burning product manufactured from sustainably harvested forest stock, land clearing, lumber mills and clean post-industrial supplies. Wood fuels are manufactured and blended to the customer's requirements. Specifications depend on processing equipment and feedstocks used. Biomass Wood Chips Fuel Energy Pinus 25.000 BDMT Ton/Monthly 4.127 Kcal/Kg Certificate Price FOB Brazil USD 105,00 BDMT-TON -- CIF Europe/China/USA USD 155,00 BDMT-TON

We have large quantity of biomass used for energy industry. Only in bulk quantities and for 36 month contracts. Loading: First loading 30 to 45 days upon receipt of fully executed contract and accepted Letter of Credit Contract Term: 36 (Twelve) months. Payment: By Irrevocable, Confirmed, Divisible, Revolving Letter of Credit, payable at completion of loading. Quantity Santa Catarina: 25,000 (Twenty- Five Thousand) Metric Tons per month. Private port for private use. Certified by ISPS. Rate of load 8.400 ton/day. Phytosanitary Certificate. Fumigation Certificate. Origin Certificate . Inspection of Wood Chips Brazil. Supervision of loading, 24hrs per day. Visual Inspection of Wood Chips. Final weight determination by Draft. Loading at Shipside.

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